Setting up business…

Currently, we are working very hard setting up Paws and Relax Pet Services.  Just as an update, we are building this business from the ground upwards.  We are awaiting our custom made cages, which are being fabricated as we speak.  We are so excited to see the beginning of the van, Vinny, take shape.  So far, we have already waterproofed the inside of the van where the doggies will be. That way, any ‘mistakes’ can be cleaned away in an instant, keeping all involved happy.  Even Harry and JD have been inside the back (whilst parked up on the driveway) to inspect our work… we seem to have their approval so far!  Don’t worry, we were monitored the whole time by the 3 amigos (our cats).  They were forever coming out, having a sniff and then telling us we have missed bits…

The designs for the graphics which are going on the outside of the van are also being designed.  Emails flying backwards and forwards, making sure every detail is not missed.  We want our prospectful clients to realise that we are not treating this business as a part time, when we can be bothered, hobby.  We have put our soul into setting up so far and we will always continue to.  This is our dream, not only because we love animals but because we want to provide a service to all that wasn’t always available for us.

So, I would suggest to keep checking up on us and lookout for Vinny driving around Ayr.   Don’t worry, he will be keeping an eye on you too.  We are approachable, with a professional but friendly service readily available soon.  Have a look through our website, enjoy learning about our family.

Our launch date is 1st January 2018… so, to all the pet owners out there, give your pet what they need.  We don’t charge for answering an email or a phone call so where’s the harm in just dropping us a line. 

Just remember to Paws… and Relax…

Amanda & Dave

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