Dog Walking...

At Paws and Relax Pet Services, dog walking can be the best time of our day! We understand the importance of every dog getting the walk that they deserve and require for their development. The benefits of dog walking include: they will be overall healthier, be more likely to respond to training and will also sleep a little bit better!  Plus we get to have some fun playing with our doggies... even during full moon!

We know from experience, that every dog is different and therefore every dog may require a dog walk customised to their own requirements. With this in mind, Paws and Relax Pet Services will work with you to accommodate and tailor a dog walk plan to suit.

We are able to offer group dog walks for socialisation (max. 4 dogs per walker) and solo dog walks aimed at puppies, the elderly or dogs who simply prefer to walk on their own.

Please note that dogs will only be let off of their leads with prior permission from the owner and after a trial period with ourselves.  All dog walks will be in areas that we ourselves have checked and found suitable and most are local to Ayr.

Upon booking, a free consultation will be required to meet with owner and dog in their own environment.  This will allow for the owner to meet me and also, we will be able to learn more of the dog's character and their likes / dislikes.

Feel free to visit our gallery page or find us on facebook where we upload weekly photos of our adventures!

Our Dog Walking services...

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Group Dog Walks
£11.50 - 1hr

Group dog walks at Paws and Relax Pet Services will be conducted with a maximum of 4 dogs per walker.  Our dog walks will consist of 1hr out walking and playing but please allow for 2hrs away from the house.  Each group will be tailored so that they are consisting of similar sized dogs.  Off lead walking will only be permitted with prior permission from owner and also after a trial period.  Our dog walks are held at local parks, down at the beach or in forests.

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Bailey - PARPS Pack Walk

Solo Dog Walks
£8.65 - 30mins

Paws and Relax Pet Services provide solo dog walks for those who wish to have their dog walked on their own.  Solo dog walks are aimed at owners who have a puppy, an elderly dog or simply prefer that 121 dog walk for their 4 legged friend.  The solo walk will consist of 30mins, tailored to owner's request.  We do recommend 30mins for pups and the elderly however, the walk duration can be extended with prior notice.  Off lead walking will only be permitted with prior consent from owner and also after a trial period.

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Please Note:

We are open to tailoring our walks to suit the dog so please feel free to contact us and it can be discussed during the consultation.

Vaccinations to be discussed.