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At Paws and Relax Pet Services, we offer a pet taxi service for those who may need their pet transported**.  This can be simply for a vet visit or a home relocation.  Sometimes it is just good to know that your pet can be transported in safe hands, stress free.

Please note that some pet taxi services may require a quick (and free!) consultation to ensure all information is captured prior to taking place.

**We are unable to transfer humans with their pets as part of any 'Pet Taxi' Service**

Our Pet Taxi Services...

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Pet Taxi Long Haul
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Paws and Relax Pet Services are able to offer a safe method of travel for your pet, whatever the occasion, anywhere within the UK.  They will be safely transported in one of our permanent fixed crates.  We will ensure regular stops for toilet breaks, access to fresh water and scheduled feeds.  Owner will be updated on progress of transfer whilst vehicle is stopped for a break (including photo of pet if requested).

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pet to the vet

Ayrshire Pet Taxi
£11.50 plus 46p per mile

Paws and Relax Pet Services offer a pet taxi service within the Ayrshire district.  Your pet will be picked up at agreed time and transferred to location of choice.  A notification will be sent to owner once drop off is complete.  Unfortunately, we cannot transport humans with their pets in our van.

If requiring a return journey on the same day, any waiting times required will incur additional charges.

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Please feel free to contact us if there are any questions.  We are open to tailoring a service so do not hesitate to ask.