Dog Grooming...

At Paws and Relax Pet Services, we are able to offer certain dog grooming services.  This can be a service on it's own or tailored in after a walk, visit or training session.

Some key points of grooming your pet can include, a healthier, tangle-free coat, increased socialisation with humans and avoiding any future fears of grooming equipment and personnel.  If you could imagine someone else brushing your hair as being slightly intrusive on your personal space, imagine what your pet may be thinking?

Please note that all dog grooming services will require a quick (and free!) consultation to ensure all information is captured prior to taking place.

We are Paws and Relax Pet Services believe that all pets deserve some pampering once in a while, so why not start now...

Our Dog Grooming services...

Dry Grooming session

Dry Grooming Session
£15-25 (dependent on breed)

Paws and Relax Pet Services offer a dry grooming session for your pet.  The Dry Groom is for those who would simply prefer a tidy up of their dog as opposed a full grooming session.  This service will include an all over brush to ensure the coat is free of matts and tangles.  The groom will be completed with a no rinse conditioning spray to ensure your dog smells lovely.  Any products and equipment known to ill-affect the dog will need to be disclosed to us prior to the session.

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The Essentials

Paws and Relax Pet Services offer an essentials treatment package for your 4 legged friend.  This includes nail clipping, ears and eyes cleaned and trimmed.

Allergies/dislikes to be disclosed prior to appointment.

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Please feel free contact us if we are able to do a service that we may not have mentioned above.