Online Consultancy

Paws and Relax Pet Services are adapting with the challenging times and we are aware that with the current climate, most dog owners have changed their needs and demands.  However, as owners, this does not mean that we cannot provide training for our dogs.  They need us for guidance as much as we need them for companionship!  Therefore we are introducing a new service which is a 100% based 'Online Consultancy'.

With our online consultancy services, we are still able to offer training for unwanted behaviours which arise in the household.  As we wish not to encroach on people’s personal space during this changing world, we feel our online consultancy is a great way of getting dog owners moving forward with their training without the need to allow us into your home.

Our online consultancy sessions can be hosted via many platforms, whichever works best for you and us. (i.e. Zoom, Facebook messenger, Microsoft meetings, Skype, etc)

**Please note that for evening and weekend appointments, there may be an additional fee.

Husky on laptop

Topics which we can cover via Online Consultancy

As much as we love meeting our clients and their dogs in person, we do recognise the issues which have come about and how people now feel with our new world.  Some topics are extremely difficult to advise upon over a video call due to their nature, so we have listed some of the topics which we feel can still be addressed over video chats.

- Separation anxiety (leaving your dog alone at home)
- Toilet training
- Teething, chewing and mouthing
- House manners (jumping up on guests, sofas, chairs, etc)
- Husbandry exercises (handling, grooming, dog equipment)
- Socialisation (traffic, power tools, rain, hairdryer, etc)

If you have another topic, not listed above, please select 'Other' on the contact form.

What will you need for these sessions?

Prior to booking any online session with us, please make sure that you have the below:

- A charged electrical device
- Strong internet connection
- If necessary, a video of the issue behaviour (uploaded via the contact form)

What are the advantages of Online Consultancy?

- Train within the safety of your own home
- Reduced waiting time for booking a session
- Professional and direct 1-2-1 contact with one of our trainers for the session

This is a great alternative for those who do not wish to be holding training sessions face to face or simply want some advice on a training issue they are having with their dog.


All online sessions are for a duration of 30 minutes, priced at £17.25.

Please note that your session must be fully paid for prior to your booking.

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