Why Pick us?

At Paws and Relax Pet Services, we have no intention of expecting clients to transfer from one pet service business to another.  In other words, we do not wish to steal!

However, every business may offer slightly different versions of their provided services which may appeal more to potential clients.

So, like I would be asking, why pick Paws and Relax Pet Services before another company in the area?

Please see below, some of our key points which we hope will assure any potential clients that we are serious about ensuring all pets are always put first in our business...

- Consultations conducted and held in owner's home with pet in their own environment

- Signed agreements in place

- Vet details held of all pets in case of emergency

- Lists of allergies, fears, etc held on record for each pet

- Vehicle and business insurance held for all handlers involved

- Animal First Aid kit stored in vehicle (first aid training in place)

- Regular updates via text/email of the pet can be requested to ensure wellbeing

- We will never take more than 4 dogs per handler

- We have taken the time to study and research through courses and personal experience.  This ensures our methods are up to date.  (To find out more, please visit our qualifications page.)