Pet Sitting...

At Paws and Relax Pet Services, we offer a pet sitting service to cater for those who can't always be at home but do wish to have their pet checked in on.

This service would be aimed at indoor cats, rabbits, birds, elderly dogs or any pet who simply does not require a walk but do require some human interaction and a meal throughout the day whilst the owner is unavailable.

Please note that all pet sitting services will require a quick (and free!) consultation to ensure all information is captured prior to taking place.

Our Pet Sitting Services...

relaxed cat

Home Visit / Pet Sitting
£8.65 - 30mins


Paws and Relax Pet Services offer a home visit service for those who wish to have their pet checked in on during the day, playtime and cuddles included.  We can cater for small pets, ensuring they are fed and have plenty of water available to them.  Where requested, we will ensure their toilet area is also clean and tidy.  Home visits can include taking in of mail, watering plants, etc free of charge.

Contact us

Please feel free to contact us if there are any questions.  We are open to tailoring a service so do not hesitate to ask.