Qualifications and Ethics...

I am a qualified dog trainer through the body of IMDT (Institute of Modern Dog Trainers).  I have also gained a qualification as a dog groomer with a diploma in Dog Grooming.

Listed below are the seminars and courses that I have successfully attended and completed:

- Perfect Puppy Foundations (IMDT - 2016)

- Canine Aggression & Rehabilitation (IMDT - 2016)

- 2 Day 'Career as a Dog Trainer (IMDT - 2016)

- 4 Day 'Practical Instructors Course (IMDT - 2016)

- 2 Day Assessment (achieved student membership IMDT - 2017)

- Dog Grooming Professional Level 3 (achieved a Diploma with Stonebridge Associated Colleges - 2017)

- Pet First Aid (ProTrainings - 2017)

- Mind your own Business (IMDT - 2018)

- Canine Body Language Course (IMDT - 2018)

- Grieving The Loss Of A Pet (IMDT - 2020)

- Dog Trainers Working Safely During Covid-19 (IMDT - 2020)

- Owner Motivation (IMDT - 2020)

- Leash Training (Reed Online - 2020)

I am fully insured and CRB checked (Disclosure Scotland).

Our Training Methods...

As part of any of our services, we use a 'force-free' approach, otherwise known as positive reinforcement.  This means that our training methods will not display any negative reinforcement. Examples of negative reinforcement include smacking, shock collars or water spray bottles, towards any of our clients pet.  No pet should be subjected to punishment in order to learn a new behaviour.  In fact, all that will happen is that the pet will act in submission and fear when the 'punisher' is present.  However, when that person is not around, the pet will only behave as it did prior to being punished.

Please note that if any of our clients request us to deviate away from our force free approach then we will be unable to offer you a service.  However, should a client be interested in changing their training methods from negative reinforcement to positive reinforcement, please feel free to contact us.

quadrants of operant conditioning

In our company, we follow by the IMDT code of ethics.

All certificates and qualifications can be viewed upon request at consultation.

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