Frequently Asked Questions...

At Paws and Relax Pet Services, we understand that there may still be lots of questions to ask even after going through our website.  We will happily ask and answer during the initial consultation however, please see below some of the most common questions we have been asked recently.

Q:  Do you have set working hours?

A:  Yes and no.  For walking, grooming and pet sitting, these services will take place normally during the day however, we will be able to tailor evening services if required.  Training will likely vary depending on client requests as the client will need to be present for training.

**Please note that for evening and weekend appointments, there may be an additional fee.

Q:  Where will you be walking my dog(s)?

A:  For the solo walks, do not be surprised if I ask you where you would like your pet to be walked!  This is to ensure your pet is comfortable in their environment.  For group walks, they will generally be in an open area by the sea or in a forest to ensure safety at all times.

Q:  What if my pet has allergies?

A:  We will take note of all known allergies and vet details at the initial consultation.  This will ensure that the catalysts can be avoided however, in case of emergency, their own vet can be contacted.

Q:  Are you able to give medication if required?

A:  If all instructions are left for what needs administered then of course.  

Q:  What equipment will I need to provide for you to care for my dog?

A:  We will be able to supply muzzles, water, water bowls, etc whilst your pet is in our vehicle.  For pet sitting, we simply require you to leave the pet's creature comforts (bed, blankets, toys) around in order to keep the environment as normal as possible.

Q:  What will I need for dog training?

A:  We only ask that you bring some patience and plenty of tasty treats!